Turn Key Puppies


Interested in purchasing a quality German Shepherd puppy but don't want the headaches of house training or loosing sleep at night?  Allow me to train your puppy for you before it ever arrives to your home!  Contact me today for a custom quote!

This is  "Remy."  Remy is from the Cesmina x Echo breeding DOB 2/4/20. Remy is a Czech line German Shepherd.  He is trained to sit, stay, come, heel, walks on a leash, crate trained, house trained.  He has experienced a tremendous amount of exposure to people places and things from the age of 6 weeks.  He has strong nerves and is very social.  Remy is still a puppy. Although he is trained he is not a machine and must be monitored, or he will be into mischief. 


"TurnKey" does not mean the owner just sits back, has a beer and doesn't need to build a relationship with, monitor, maintain or elevate training to a higher level.  I prefer owners who want to engage with and further their training with their dogs.  There is not an on/off switch button to any animal.  Understand there is a period of time for which these puppies in transition from my home to yours are under a tremendous amount of stress.  That stress can appear in poor behavior or behavior that is destructive to oneself or erratic behavior not consistent to the environment in which they are raised.  Owners should practice patience, kindness and an understanding that stress is not often visible.  Remember Robin Williams?  He suffered from depression.  Who ever would have guessed. We often don't see until its too late.  I would never move a puppy on to a new home if it was not consistent in going to the door to go outside to potty.  I operate ethically and have a higher conscience than do such a thing.  I am always available to help work you through any issues during the transition period which takes about 3 weeks.