Personal Protection K9’s

Find the Right Guard or Protection Dog for Your Lifestyle

People feel safer in their homes when there is a well-trained dog keeping their eyes and ears on watch.


Whether you are looking to protect your family, home, or yourself, we offer programs to produce trained dogs for all situations. Contact us today to learn about the trained protection and guard dogs we have available.


German Shepherd Viper: Protection work has begun for this large male. Feel confident going for long walks at dusk with this imposing male by your side.  Viper has a natural suspicion of strangers who seem "off" but is clear headed and confident.  He is great in any novel environment due to his upbringing at an early age.  He was exposed to a vast array of environments indoors and out. Viper would be that single ladies best friend in the whole world or fit in fine with a family as well.   Would you like to go jogging at nighttime?  He's perfect for you!  Have a stalker in your life?  Perfect resolution right here! Would require a fenced yard.

Remy is 8 months.  Pictured here at 5  months.  Remy has a great amount of energy and shows great potential for a protection dog or dual purpose candidate.  He is young and can be molded to any area of training you desire.  He is social and has a clear temperament.  He has all the basics under his belt and is fully house trained and crate trained. 

Ickey Woods

Clear headed and strong prey drive. Ickey Woods is trained in protection, tracking and narcotics detection. Lives in my home and is trusted inside.  Excellent house manners and will only be sold to serious and qualified buyer.