Boarding & Training Services

North Mountain Kennel Board & Train

Professional and Personalized Programs Starting at $2000.00

If you need a puppy trained from basic obedience to household manners or you have an unruly adult dog, I do offer board and train services. Your pet will live with me for a 3 weeks and I train your dog to conduct themselves with manners such as:

  • Waiting at doors before entering or exiting.

  • Sit, Stay, and Come.

  • Walk on a leash without pulling.

  • Crate Training

  • House training.

  • Jumping, chewing, and leaving items alone.

Your dog will also accompany me on daily outings to stores for exposure to real world environments to give both you and your pet the confidence to go anywhere with a well behaved animal. 

Upon completion of the program at pickup I will demonstrate to you everything your dog has learned and then I will give you the opportunity to take over the leash and work the dog yourself and prove that your pet will listen to you just as well as he does with me.  You will not leave without feeling comfortable empowered with all the new knowledge you learned during your pick up time.  I am available to you after your dog goes home and begins to settle in as well.  I am committed to my clients.